How to Simplify Employee Scheduling

A business with simplified employee scheduling is a business that get things done efficiently, with greater responsiveness and one that saves costs. Get ahead of your competition by getting ahead with streamlined scheduling.

Below we detail the best ways to clean up your scheduling. Read on if you’re tired of dealing with messy scheduling that inhibits your operations.

Stop using the spreadsheet

This the starting point. A few years ago (though it seems far longer), spreadsheets seemed like the ultimate solution with their automated approach to scheduling. Sadly, experience has shown spreadsheets to be a false dawn. Cells can be a confusing way of trying to operate. What’s more, many of the traditional problems of scheduling still remain. Last minute no-shows are still infuriating and spreadsheets offer little support. Managing payroll data is possible but fiendishly difficult. Matching staff to work stations takes a lot of labor. Communicating these schedules to staff is as hard as ever before. Clearly, spreadsheets are – at best – a partial solution.

Bin the paper planner

Okay, maybe you have tried the spreadsheet and decided to go back to the pen and paper planner. Maybe you never moved on from the “classic” method. If either of these statements describe your scheduling then there is only one solution: wake up. Industry, corporations, services – all have revolutionized the way they operate to remain ahead in the 21st century. There is no reason why staff scheduling should be any different. Not only do old-school planners exacerbate all of the spreadsheet problems, they also create mass confusion when making adjustment. Trying to make changes demands either a scruffy eraser or messy crossing out and soon schedules are more complicated than the Rosetta Stone!

Say hello to employee scheduling software

So far this article has concentrated upon what you shouldn’t do, here’s what you should do. Use employee scheduling software. It is a far simpler way for your business to operate it scheduling. This saves you time, money and effort. Now you will be able to focus your attention on profits and boost that all important bottom line. Here’s why shift scheduling software will transform your business.

What shift management programs can do for you

Staff scheduling software enables you to plan schedules with ease with simple interfaces that let you schedule any number of employees. These staff can be distinguished by everything from skills to seniority to labor costs, this makes previously frustrating tasks far easier, such as filling shifts and ensuring adequate staff coverage. Therefore, last minute drop outs are far more manageable, as is ensuring a balanced staff level that avoids either under- or over-staffing. Such simplicity save you time. Meanwhile data is well tracked and easily accessible, which means that you can better assess your expenditure and understand where costs can be saved.

What shift scheduling software can do for your employees

Employee scheduling software works well for your staff – this means it works well for you. Employees can have their shift easily communicated to them, with shift rosters available through smartphones, tablets and computer browsers. Shift management programs give you the power to set tasks per shifts, meaning that employees will have a total idea of just what is expected of them during work. Staff can also communicate their requests, such as time off or bids for open shifts in a fixed or rotating schedule.