Employee Scheduling Software – the Key to Employee Retention!

Employee retention is a holy grail for managers! Knowing and trusting your staff is essential, but reaching this point takes time – time that evaporates if employee turnover is high. The longer your employees are with the business, the more skilled they  become, thus giving you the option to promote from within and delegate responsibility as your enterprise grows.

These five points give you a clear idea on just how essential shift scheduling software is to healthy retention rates.

1. Clarity. A common concern for employees is that they are kept in the dark about their schedules, leaving them unaware of impending shifts and their spot on a fixed or rotating schedule. Shift scheduling software stops this. Employees can view personal planners whenever, wherever and many shift management programs allow them to use any platform, from a computer web browser to a tablet. Now, you and your employees have a clear and accessible way of communicating shifts.

2. Training. Employees can leave to head back to the classroom, or at least to a job that will train them further. However, trying to find the time to offer extra training opportunities to staff can be a nightmare for businesses. Scheduling means that you can find those all important gaps and then input exactly when staff can be sent for courses, seminars – whatever. Find the time to improve your staff and improve your business.

3. Expectations. Staff need to know just what is expected of them in their role. Jumbled assignments only make their job unnecessarily complex and stressful. This is where staff scheduling software can be a real asset, employee tasks can be attached to specific shifts – meaning that your needs are filled and your staff are given a detailed yet simple schedule. Employees who know exactly what is needed of them are more likely to experience job satisfaction and, subsequently, aim for a long term career with your company.

4. Workload. Shift management programs let you forecast peak periods and put the correct number of staff in place, instead of leaving a few staff struggling under the stress of a hectic time. Employees are given a manageable workload, therefore providing an effective workforce. Furthermore, staff can be accurately scheduled for exactly when they are needed, rather being left idle during periods of inactivity. Stop expensive overstaffing and keep your workforce motivated.

5.  Time off! Finally, shift scheduling software removes the confusion and tension which can be associated with time off management. Staff will know that you are respecting their requests by being able to request time off and then, if approved, see it scheduled on their planner. This is also the best way of keeping track of holiday and leave, employees will know that allocation is fair and will have a clear idea of their day off allowances.

So, there really is little excuse for you not looking towards employee scheduling software! See retention rates soar with this investment in your business.