Define your Objectives

Before deciding to invest in employee scheduling software, it is critical that you know just why you are looking to update the scheduling of your business. This will help you decide whether or not you do require scheduling software and will also allow you to assess which of the many shift management programs is best suited to aid your fixed or rotating roster.

There are many reasons for why you may be looking to update your scheduling methods. Below, we outline some of the most commonly expressed objectives and just how they can be met with shift scheduling software.

Save Money

An investment is going to require an initial outlay and staff scheduling software is no different. Sadly, a key reason why many people decide against employee scheduling software is its cost. This is backwards thinking.

Shift management programs help you save money at multiple levels. These include basic costs, such as outlays for paper which decrease due to your employees using mobile access for their schedules rather than print outs. On top of this, it is also important to consider the wider savings empowered by shift scheduling software. Employee data is easily located in one place, meaning that you can simply analyze exactly where your business can save money. Additionally, schedule alerts help you prevent costly overtime situations.

Save Time

Shift scheduling software is also a great way to save time, something that many people highlight as the driving reason behind their decision to purchase. Scheduling is renowned for swallowing hours. Regularly, people see their time disappear as their success grows: scheduling techniques may not keep pace with labor force growth and diversification, and so the time spent on it sky-rockets.

Shift management programs can help anybody save time. They do this through providing a solution that is simple to create, maintain and adjust. On the other hand, primordial methods – like spreadsheets and planners – are the complete opposite. These take up hours when merely creating a schedule and this time-burden is only exacerbated when it comes to correcting and adapting a schedule.

Enhance Employee Relations

Scheduling gripes are a major cause of employee dissatisfaction, they are also cited as a reason for purchasing shift scheduling software.

More often than not, the main cause of scheduling tension is a lack of clear communication. Online employee scheduling solutions enable greater communication because they provide a clear means for employees to know just when they are expected to work. As mentioned above, schedules can be accessed remotely and this is achievable through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Meanwhile, holiday and time off requests can be logged, and all time off is easily tracked. Staff can also bid on open shifts and see the tasks that have been assigned to them during work hours. As a result of these features, scheduling software can be a brilliant way of dramatically reducing the friction associated with scheduling.