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Employee Scheduling Software – the Key to Employee Retention!

Employee retention is a holy grail for managers! Knowing and trusting your staff is essential, but reaching this point takes time – time that evaporates if employee turnover is high. The longer your employees are with the business, the more skilled they  become, thus giving you the option to promote from within and delegate responsibility as your enterprise grows. These five points give you a clear idea on just how essential shift scheduling software is to healthy retention rates. 1. Clarity. A common concern for employees is that they are kept in… Read More »Employee Scheduling Software – the Key to Employee Retention!

Why Employee Scheduling Software is an Investment

Employee scheduling software is being increasingly seen as a great way to update your business. It’s received significant attention from the likes of Yahoo, with more and more experts understanding the true benefits of shift management programs. Despite this, it is common for businesses and management to have reservations over the initial outlay required to gain a premium employee scheduling software package. This article will demonstrate just why staff scheduling software provides value for money – why it is a real investment in you and your business. Perhaps the best… Read More »Why Employee Scheduling Software is an Investment

Employee Scheduling Software Keeps Labor Cost in Check

Thinking how you can avoid high labor costs without laying off employees? You can, by using smart employee scheduling software. Online employee scheduling software helps keeping your company’s labor cost in check by minimizing under/over staffing and avoiding unnecessary overtime. It can automatically sum up employee’s working hours, time off, overtime and even shift premium pays and instantly displays the information when you are making shift schedules. As you are making shift assignments, smart employee scheduling software automatically sums up employee work hours, calculates labor costs, and provides detailed cost… Read More »Employee Scheduling Software Keeps Labor Cost in Check

Avoid Scheduling Frustration!

As we all know, scheduling can be a contentious task. You’re never going to please everybody. Each member of your staff will have their own concerns, their own commitment to work and their own expectations of you as management. However, it really is amazing just how much effective scheduling can revolutionize your company. Employee scheduling software is the latest and best method of doing this. Its plethora of features help you avoid daily disruptions to your schedules. Below, we outline some of the most common and frustrating scheduling problems that… Read More »Avoid Scheduling Frustration!

Better Understand your Business

Businesses can become complicated things. The more they grow, the harder it can be to keep track with every facet of operations. Naturally, any owner or member of management wants to grasp every angle of just what’s going on, which is why staff scheduling software is so important. Online employee scheduling programs enable you to grasp just what is going even within the most diverse labor rosters. Hours worked It can be hard to know what hours are being worked by your staff. When devising schedules, you will have certain… Read More »Better Understand your Business

How to Simplify Employee Scheduling

A business with simplified employee scheduling is a business that get things done efficiently, with greater responsiveness and one that saves costs. Get ahead of your competition by getting ahead with streamlined scheduling. Below we detail the best ways to clean up your scheduling. Read on if you’re tired of dealing with messy scheduling that inhibits your operations. Stop using the spreadsheet This the starting point. A few years ago (though it seems far longer), spreadsheets seemed like the ultimate solution with their automated approach to scheduling. Sadly, experience has… Read More »How to Simplify Employee Scheduling

Who Need Good Scheduling?

Labor forces are only becoming more diverse. In response, management has to become adept at working for staff. Shift management programs focus on creating a tool that not only empowers management, but also staff. With this employee scheduling software, it is easier than ever to adjust to the modern labor roster. Employee scheduling software enables a more flexible workforce, whilst also strongly supporting a traditional fixed schedule. Below, we look at just a few types of staff who can gain from using shift management programs. 1. Working moms Thankfully, the… Read More »Who Need Good Scheduling?

Scheduling: Get Employees Involved

So far this blog has presented an array of ideas on why good scheduling is important and how you can go about achieving it. Of course, a large amount of this management responsibility is inevitably going to fall upon you. However many scheduling errors arise from the process being too focused upon the people creating the schedule and not the people actually working it. This is illogical. Employees deserve to have a greater say over their schedules. This is something that benefits both parties. Staff with greater say in their… Read More »Scheduling: Get Employees Involved

4 Flexitime Advantages

Flexitime is now an entrenched part of the economy, no longer is a job simply 9 – 5. Employees work varied hours across varied locations. Managing flexitime can, however, be difficult. This is where employee scheduling software comes into play. It’s features allow employees to clock their hours, making clocking hours worked from different locations a far easier process. Schedules are simply adjusted and easily viewed with staff scheduling software, making possible coherent management of flexitime. Problems of mentorship can be overcome through pairing tasks to shifts, something that enables… Read More »4 Flexitime Advantages

Define your Objectives

Before deciding to invest in employee scheduling software, it is critical that you know just why you are looking to update the scheduling of your business. This will help you decide whether or not you do require scheduling software and will also allow you to assess which of the many shift management programs is best suited to aid your fixed or rotating roster. There are many reasons for why you may be looking to update your scheduling methods. Below, we outline some of the most commonly expressed objectives and just… Read More »Define your Objectives