Avoid Scheduling Frustration!

As we all know, scheduling can be a contentious task. You’re never going to please everybody. Each member of your staff will have their own concerns, their own commitment to work and their own expectations of you as management. However, it really is amazing just how much effective scheduling can revolutionize your company.

Employee scheduling software is the latest and best method of doing this. Its plethora of features help you avoid daily disruptions to your schedules. Below, we outline some of the most common and frustrating scheduling problems that can derail your plans.

“When am I working?”

This sound likes a simple, fair question. That’s because it is. That’s why nearly every member of staff will ask it. Which is why it is a nightmare – imagine being asked it twenty, fifty, one-hundred times. It may seem that this is an unavoidable problem that comes with scheduling. It isn’t.

Shift management programs let staff know when they are working. Why would they ask you when they can instead check their entire assigned work schedule whenever, wherever? Employees have the power to look at their schedule on any variety of platforms, whether that be a tablet, smart-phone or computer. This saves you time and increases employee/employer communication, strengthening your business.

“Sorry for the last minute notice – I can’t work today”

These words make your stomach drop. Schedules can take hours of time and thought to construct, yet only a few seconds to destroy. Whatever the reason of the drop-out, it is infuriating. Employees not fulfilling their shifts can leave you understaffed and therefore make your service inadequate.

There are a few ways to prevent this happening. One popular move is to shift the responsibility to the employee who is dropping out. This has the bonus of empowering them, whilst also clearly showing just how difficult it is to find shift replacements. Yet this is not an adequate solution in the face of an emergency.

A better option could be to use a search-criteria feature. Shift scheduling software lets you filter staff by their availability, skills, seniority, labor costs and more. This means that you can see just who is available for that shift and work out the best option for your schedule.

“What am I doing today?”

Strong scheduling should cover more than simply the hours that employees should be working. It’s no good to have employees turn up who don’t know what they are expected to do. Many shift-operated jobs have very clear task assignments, or at least parameters within which staff should be able to work. Communicating these to staff is troublesome, indeed it is infuriating when the question is asked repeatedly.

This is another element where staff scheduling software goes above and beyond the spreadsheet or the basic planner. Employee scheduling software gives you the power to match tasks to shifts. Staff can see exactly what is expected of them on their schedules.

Staff scheduling software – an answer

Of course, there are a thousand other frustrating scenarios which we couldn’t cover on this blogpost. But it is likely that online employee scheduling software can. Leave behind the hassles that can blight the rewarding experience of successful management thanks to a better way for shift scheduling.